You could be putting yourself and your startup up for failure because of sleep!

We’ve all been there — you’re working on an idea, and you just can’t seem to get it right. You lose sleep over it, and end up talking to yourself out loud while you work. And then you get a few minutes of sleep, and then more ideas come to you while you’re sleeping.

The problem is that after a few hours of this (or maybe even days), the body starts to forget what it had done earlier, so you end up starting over from scratch again.

It’s no wonder that most entrepreneurs are overwhelmed, can’t focus on one thing…

Here are 5 simple habits you can pick up on easily.

Startup founders, no matter the industry, are faced with a unique set of challenges. While there are certain things that they should do to ensure their success, there are also some habits that seem to work for others but not for them.

We’ve all heard it before — “startups are about hustle and hustle alone”. However, what has been neglected is the fact that in order to be successful, one must be both an entrepreneur and a person that works hard.

There are two different tracks that a person can take when it comes to their work habits:

1. A person who works smart — they work at their peak levels, leave things for the last minute…

What the most successful technopreneurs have in common

There are many ways to define a successful technology entrepreneur. I define it as someone who can combine their business skills with their technical skills and make a product that people buy.

You have to be able to create a product that people want that solves a problem for them.

The first step is to understand your market and what problems they are having.

For example, if you are creating a consumer product than you would focus on what problems the consumers do not have and how you can solve those problems.

You should be able to identify your consumers from their behaviour. …

Guide to creativity & clout in the new creative economy

Editor’s note:

It has been about a full month since my previous Medium post — Working on lots of exciting new products, services and brands on top of Cudy Technologies. Progress has been stellar till now and I finally found some time to get back to writing. Here is a piece on the NFT space that I had drafted awhile back — I will be posting on a weekly basis from hereon given the time I’m dedicating to the new brands I am building. More info soon… In the meantime, enjoy reading this piece.

Imagine that one day a new…

For The Uninitiated Founder

The first thing to realize about running a startup team is that there is no one way to run a startup team.

Just because The Founder says, “Jump!” doesn’t mean that the Startup Team should say, “How high?”

Startup Teams are made up of different people with different skills and abilities. Startup Teams aren’t there to blindly follow orders. Instead, they work together to build the perfect company for their founder and customers.

Startup Team members have opinions. They have ideas for how they can make the company special. They want their voices heard and listened to. Sometimes they have…

Using SEO and Advertising

How to market a Learning Management System (LMS) can be divided into two main categories:

The first category is when you want to attract new prospects.

This was the focus of this article. The second category is when you are trying to attract existing customers or prospects who have already purchased your LMS product. That topic will be covered in a later article.

In this article, we will concentrate on the first category and discuss how to acquire new prospects for your LMS product, using SEO, social media and paid advertising.

What Type of Prospects Should You Target?

When choosing which type of prospects to target, you…

Grow A New Revenue Stream For Your Startup

Before we get into how you can make money on YouTube for your startup, let’s understand what it means to make money on YouTube. How is money made?

YouTube videos are monetised by inserting advertisements in the video or displaying ads next to the video. The ad network pays YouTubers on the basis of the number of views and clicks their videos generate.

How much can I make?

The amount of money you can earn depends on your content, viewership and channel age. The more viewers you have, and more views you get per day, the more revenue you will make.

A few popular channels…

The Next Big Business Ideas To Think About

There are many game-changing ideas for new businesses in the future. Some of them are very simple and some are complex.

There are many new businesses online and offline that have been created to make people know about them.

These businesses have made a huge impact on the world because they have come up with a great idea and a very innovative way to market their product or service.

They have made people aware about their business in an effective way and marketing has become less costly because of the new technology. …

5 Questions For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Ideas are cheap. Most don’t turn into companies. The key is to build a team, build a product, and find a sustainable business model.

There are five questions every startup founder should ask themselves:

  1. Who is your customer? (Example: Facebook’s customers were its users)
  2. What value are you providing? (Example: Facebook was connecting people)
  3. How will you reach your customers? (Example: Facebook used social networks)
  4. How will you make money? (Example: Facebook made money by selling ads)
  5. Can you get enough customers at that price point? (Example: Facebook would never have been able to sell enough ads to survive.)


18 Proven Tips For Founders To Make It Through Their First Year

Before you start your business, your must be aware of the fact that running a startup is already tough. You have to work day and night to make it work. The whole responsibility lies on your shoulder. You have to dedicate yourself completely to the success of your product.

The success of a startup depends on:

How passionate you are about the idea? How much time you are going to invest in it? How focused you are on it? And most importantly, How much money you are going to invest in this idea?

I am not saying that money is the only factor that is required for…

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Founder of Cudy Technologies (, a full-stack EdTech startup helping teachers and students teach and learn better. I am also a mentor and investor.

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