How Often Should You Change a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

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One of the things that can become a bit confusing when starting out with social media marketing is what is the best strategy to adopt. There are many different strategies to use and some will suit you better than others.

The best way to find out which strategy works best for you is to test them all and see which one produces the best results. The main issue with trying different strategies though is that there can be so many of them, it can be hard to know which ones will work for you and which ones won’t.

The most common strategy is called A/B testing and this means that instead of going with a single approach, you test a few different approaches at once. You split your marketing into small segments and test each one in turn.

For example, if you want to promote your business, it may be wise to have a campaign on Facebook and another on Twitter or LinkedIn. You could try having a Facebook ad campaign that only targets your target audience on Facebook while also running an ad campaign on Twitter targeting people in your area or even just people who have visited your website in the past.

These are all A/B tests but they aren’t exactly identical as they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The drawback to this approach is that it may be more expensive than running just one campaign, so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before deciding which approach will work best for you.

The best way to figure out which strategy works best for you is to test them all and see which one produces the best results. This will allow you to find out what strategies are most effective for your business and tailor them accordingly.

Once you know what works best for your business, it will be easier for you to adapt new strategies when they become available or try new ones altogether if they don’t work out as well as expected.

We will go through the main types of social media marketing strategies and explain how they work. We will also go through a few popular strategies and explain why they are effective and which one you should use.

If you are looking for advice on how to market your business on social media, then this article is the perfect place to start.

Different Types of Social Media Marketing Strategies

Facebook Ads:

This is one of the most popular strategies and there are a few different reasons for this. Firstly, Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms and it is also one of the cheapest. This means that if you are on a budget, it can be an ideal way to advertise your business without spending too much money.

There are several different types of Facebook ads that you can use to promote your business. The first thing to remember is that there are three types of adverts on Facebook — banners, video ads and sponsored stories. Banners are simply an image that you can post on your Facebook page and these can be used to promote a product or service.

Video ads are more of a visual approach to advertising and these are generally used to show how something works. They are a good way of creating brand awareness as well as promoting your business in the eyes of potential customers.

The final type of adverts that you can use on Facebook is sponsored stories. These are like normal posts but they appear in people’s news feeds or story feeds.

The advantage of using Facebook ads is that they are easy to use and you don’t need any experience or expertise in order to run them effectively. You just need to set up your adverts, target the audience that you want and then sit back and wait for the money to roll in!


Influencers are people who have a large amount of followers and this makes them popular. They are able to share content with their followers and therefore help to spread the word about your business. This is why influencers are such a popular way of marketing as they are able to help you reach your target audience without you having to spend any money on advertising.

However, it is important that you find the right influencer for your business as not all influencers will be interested in working with you. If you do decide to use an influencer, then make sure that they have enough followers or likes on their page so that your post will be seen by their followers.

The other thing that you need to consider is whether or not they have enough authority within their niche. Some people are more popular than others so if an influencer has a large following but isn’t considered an expert within their niche, then they may not be suitable for promoting your business.


This is a method of increasing the number of people who visit your website and find out more about it. The goal of SEO is to increase the number of visits that come from search engines such as Google and Bing rather than from social media websites such as Facebook.

However, keywords from social media websites can also be used to help with this. There are a few different ways that you can use SEO for your business.

The first is to get people to link to your website from their own website. This means that you need to have a good backlink profile so that you can get people to link to your site from their site and this will help them boost their search engine rankings.

The second way is by making sure that your site has good quality content on it. If you have lots of articles and information on your site then this will increase the number of people who visit it and help it rank higher in search engines as well as in social media websites such as Facebook.

The other way of using SEO for your business is by using keywords in the title and description of your posts so that they appear when someone searches for them on Google or Bing.

However, make sure that you don’t overdo this as not everyone will want to see all of the different keywords related to your business. If you do find yourself using too many keywords then try cutting down on them or moving them around so that they appear when they are relevant rather than just flooding everything with a huge amount of keywords all at once.

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways that you can use social media marketing for your business and we have just covered a few of the most popular ones. You should change your strategy as often as you need to in order to keep it fresh and ensure that it is effective.

Also, consider which strategies are most effective for your business and tailor them accordingly. This will allow you to find out what strategies are the best for your business.

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Founder of Cudy Technologies (, a full-stack EdTech startup helping teachers and students teach and learn better. I am also a mentor and investor.

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Alexander Lim

Alexander Lim

Founder of Cudy Technologies (, a full-stack EdTech startup helping teachers and students teach and learn better. I am also a mentor and investor.

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