How pre-seed Startups can get their First 1,000 Customers

10 Proven Methods for Pre-Seed Startups

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Here are 10 proven methods from Successful Startup Founders:

Be Helpful

The best way is still being helpful for free! Pre-seed startups should provide information that can help other people solve problems they are facing.

Give a demo

If pre-seed startups have a demo of an early product, then they can use this demo to get their first 1,000 customers.

Aggressive sales

If pre-seed startups are offering something unique or premium quality then they can aggressively sell it to get their first customers.

Promote on social media

Many pre-seed startups are using social media to promote their products.

Cold Email

If pre-seed startups have built their product but do not have any customers yet, then they can send emails to their contacts asking them if they know anyone who might be interested in their product.

Collaborate with another company

If pre-seed startups are building a new tech product and have no traction yet, then it is worth collaborating with another company that has already built up some traction in the market.

Host a free event

If pre-seed startups want to get their first 1,000 customers, then they can host a free event to attract more people.

Offline marketing

If pre-seed startups have built their product but do not have any customers yet, then they can use offline marketing methods such as personal connections and word of mouth marketing.

Make it viral

If pre-seed startups want their product to go viral and spread like wildfire among people in their network, then they have two options.

Get listed on Product Hunt

Another way that pre-seed startups can get their first 1,000 customers is by getting listed on Product Hunt.

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