How to Establish and Sustain a Culture in a Startup

What Startup Founders should do and don’t

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Startup founders should think about the following when establishing and sustaining a culture in their company:

1. Culture should be established at the core of the company:

Culture is like a religion to your company. It should be established at the core of your company and not something that you just add as an afterthought.

2. You should not change your culture later:

Culture is not something that you can change overnight. It is something that should be constantly monitored and kept alive.

3. Do not focus on perks:

Some startups focus on the perks of the company when establishing their culture.

4. Do not hire for culture fit:

Hiring for culture fit is one of the biggest mistakes that startups make. This is because culture fit does not really exist and if you hire people who are not a good fit for your company, they will not last long in your company.

5. Your company’s mission should be written down:

Every startup founder should write down their mission as well as their core values in their company somewhere so that everyone knows what it is about.

6. Your employees should be encouraged to make suggestions:

As an entrepreneur or founder of a startup, you may not know everything about your own business or industry or even your own product or service.

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