How to Manage a Remote Team as a Startup Founder

Top 3 Reasons and Challenges

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The top 3 reasons why you should hire a Remote Team:

It gives you an opportunity to explore talent from all over the world

If your startup is global from day 1, then hiring remote developers gives you an opportunity to spot talent from different cultures and backgrounds.

It allows flexibility in hiring

If there is one thing that startups need more than anything else then it has got to be flexibility in business decisions and processes which can help them succeed better in their market(s).

It allows fast decision making

With digital communication channels like Slack and Zoom, it is very easy to make decisions as a startup team.

What are some challenges you may face while hiring a Remote Team?

Project management

What is project management? It is the act of planning and managing a project from start to finish. As a startup founder or entrepreneur, you are ultimately responsible for everything (from core product development to strategy making etc.).

Less face-to-face interaction

This might not seem like a big issue but in reality it can cause problems when there’s no face-to-face interaction among team members (especially co-founders).

A lack of trust

A lot of startups fail in their first years because of a lack of trust among founders and team members. When you work in the same physical office then you can easily communicate with each other and work together to grow your business.


Hiring a remote team as a startup founder is not always an easy task but it can have many benefits for your startup depending on how you approach it.

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