The Soft Skills I Learned in the Military that Helped me as a Startup Founder

What You Can Also Learn From It

1. Discipline & Responsibility

I have never seen a better example of discipline and responsibility than what I experienced in the military. Every soldier has to be punctual, tidy, and self-disciplined to carry out their duties.

2. Risk Management

The military teaches cadets to be responsible for their actions and decisions. The SAF’s risk management strategy is all about “responsible ownership.”

3. Bureaucracy and Red Tape

In the military, there are many rules and regulations that soldiers have to follow. It can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you don’t see the point of them. The organization operates as a bureaucracy, and it’s not uncommon to see red tape and bureaucracy in the military given the rigid hierarchy of command.

4. Command & Control Leadership

Leadership is one of the most important soft skills in any organization or company, especially when running a successful startup. I learned leadership from serving in the military at an early age (18 years old), which has helped me become a better leader today at 24 years old in my current role as CEO of one of my companies: Cudy Technologies.

5. Persistence & Perseverance

In the military, we had many training exercises where we would go through long periods of intense training in a short period of time. In my last few months of training as a cadet, we had very long training missions that require us to spend a long time in the field.

Founder of Cudy Technologies (, a full-stack EdTech startup helping teachers and students teach and learn better. I am also a mentor and investor.

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