What is the best method to acquire SME customers in Singapore?

Singaporean B2B Startup Founders Must Know

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There are many ways to acquire new business, but these will focus on the direct route, and not on the indirect route such as via referrals.

Advertising, trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing, cold calling and even old fashioned word of mouth are all forms of direct targeting which can be used to acquire new customers.

There is an old saying that the most expensive sale you will ever make is your first sale, so it pays to ensure that when you do finally get that first sale that it is repeatable so you can continue to grow your business. You will learn more from losing business than gaining it.

In Singapore, you may have problems obtaining customers for your business if you are not involved with a local Chamber of Commerce or Enterprise Singapore.

This is because chambers and Enterprise Singapore have access to government procurement opportunities where they can help SMEs win contracts and get access to new business.

It is unlikely that you will obtain any significant volume of business through these government contracts, but it can be a great source of reference business if you can win one.

So what is the best method to acquire new customers in Singapore?

Social Media

You should ensure that all your social media profiles link back to a main website where people can find out more about your company.

You should also make sure that you have a business card or brochure that people can take away with them when they have visited your website.

Google Adwords

This is a great way to advertise to people who are actively looking for a company like yours and which is very targeted advertising.

Traditional Advertising

Which is the most effective?

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