What is the Most Efficient Way to Acquire SaaS Customers

Here are 10 Practical Ways for Lean Startups

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

High-Level Acquisition Strategies

  1. Build a self-service product
  2. Build a simple, good-looking website.
  3. Provide excellent support and good customer service. This is the most critical part of your SaaS business lifecycle.

Facebook Marketing

If you are targeting consumers or small businesses, Facebook marketing is very effective and cheap, so I would recommend using it for these segments of customers.

Paid Search Engine Marketing

For B2B products, I have found Adwords to be very effective. You can use this to acquire customers directly on your website or you can use it to target potential customers who are searching for related keywords.

Content Marketing

This is a great way to attract people to your website and interact with them.

Trade Shows

If you are targeting just B2B customers, then trade shows can be a great way of meeting these buyers in person and building relationships with them (if done correctly).

Blog Posts

For those who have built up a blog before they started their business, this can be a great way of getting attention from people in your industry or potential leads.

Cold Calling

This is probably the most painful way to acquire customers, but if you are targeting a specific segment of customers who don’t want an online product, it can be very effective.


Speaking at events can be great for meeting potential leads and building relationships with them.

Affiliate Marketing

This is where you promote someone else’s product/service and get paid when someone purchases from them using your link.


If you are targeting small businesses, then it is very possible that they will need a product other than yours.

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