What is the Process to List on Appsumo for SaaS Founders?

And What Are Software Lifetime Deals?

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What is a Lifetime Deal?

A Lifetime Deal is a limited time offer to promote your product at a discounted price. Entrepreneurs and startup founders usually offer a lifetime deal to make their product go viral and get a massive amount of sales in the short period of time.

How does a Lifetime Deal work?

SaaS startups and entrepreneurs usually offer a lifetime deal for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. For example, if you list your product on Appsumo for 30 days, you will offer your product at a discounted price for a lifetime access.

How does the redemption process work?

There are two ways that you can offer your product on Appsumo. You can either offer your product as a redeemable coupon, where users will purchase a number of coupons and redeem them for your product.

Here are the steps involved in listing your product on Appsumo as a Lifetime Deal:

Step 1: Find the Right Product for Appsumo

Before you list your product on Appsumo, you need to find the right product that will fit Appsumo’s audience.

Step 2: Creating the Right Product

You need to have a well-designed and functional product before you list it on Appsumo.

Step 3: Create the Marketing Plan for Your Product

Appsumo has a massive audience and it can help you reach out to thousands of potential customers in a short period of time.

Step 4: Contact Appsumo to List Your Product

If you have a great product and a well-designed marketing plan, then you can contact Appsumo to list your product.

Step 5: Setup Your Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

Once you have worked with the team at Appsumo, you can list your product on Appsumo.

Step 6: Promote Your Product on Appsumo

Appsumo has an impressive marketing team and they will help you promote your product during the lifetime deal period.

Step 7: Improve Your Product and Marketing Plan

After you have listed your product on Appsumo, you need to take a break and look at the feedback that you are getting from customers.

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