What the Singapore Government can do better for it’s local Startups

And What Its Citizens Can Do To Contribute

Photo by Kirill Petropavlov on Unsplash

Singaporeans are getting more involved in supporting local Startups.

I think the first thing is for people to understand that in Singapore, we are not a very big country. We have a population of about 5 million, which makes us less than half the size of New York City.

So I think the key thing is for people to understand that they don’t need to be super wealthy or have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around to help a startup grow.

In fact, you can help by sharing your ideas with them or just talking about them on social media and encouraging other people to try out their services or products.

What I would like to see happening

I think it’s important to have a healthy ecosystem with lots of different startups in it.

One thing we have been talking about recently at the government level is how to create more jobs for Singaporeans.

The government is very concerned with this and there are many ways to do this, but one way they are thinking is to get more startups here in Singapore because they will provide jobs for Singaporeans.

What I think about VC Funding in Singapore

I think we will be relevant for venture capital investment opportunities for a long time just because we are such a small country and everything here happens much faster than it does elsewhere.

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