Why is Edtech a Nascent Industry in Southeast Asia?

And what the Government have to do with it.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Low Internet Penetration Rate

The Internet penetration rate is low in Southeast Asia, particularly in the ASEAN countries. Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei have relatively high Internet penetration rates at 76%, 69% and 65% respectively.

The Education System Is Still In Its Infancy Stage

Education systems in most Southeast Asian countries are still in their infancy stage due to factors like lack of funding and limited resources as well as lack of educational resources.

Rise of Low-Cost Mobile Devices

The mobile device revolution has taken place in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. These countries have become major consumers of low-cost smartphones, which are mainly Android-based devices.


Edtech is a nascent industry in Southeast Asia due to factors like low Internet penetration rate and low education standards in most ASEAN countries.

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