Boost Your Business with the Right Apps

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Top 5 Essential Apps for Small Businesses

1. Honeycomb Analytics
2. Xero
3. MailChimp
4. Connecteam
5. Melio

Honeycomb Analytics

The pace of change in data science and research is constantly accelerating. It is not enough to see what people think in isolation, and it is not enough to focus solely on their behavior.


Xero is accounting software that you can use to manage your business. This app is especially great for small businesses because it allows you to run a basic accounting system. This means that you can easily track all of your income and expenses without having to worry about paying over-budget costs.

  • Accepting payments
  • Connecting with your banks
  • Managing customer and supplier contacts
  • Storing your files online
  • Tracking and reporting your financial situations
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash.


MailChimp is an email marketing campaign tool that allows you to easily create an email list of your audience segments or clients and send them periodic emails on topics that they may be interested in.


Is it possible for your employees to communicate, manage and train your non-desk employees? Absolutely! You can use Connecteam’s all-in-one company app.


Melio is an app that allows small businesses to keep track of their finances online. You can create budgets for each department of your business, and then use this app to keep track of where money is going so that you know how much money your business needs each month.

  • Making payments globally
  • Earning points and rewards when paying bills
  • Using a credit card to pay even if your vendors usually don’t accept card

Final Thought

As you can see, these apps can be very beneficial for small businesses that want to use them to help market their business online.



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Alexander Lim

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